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Flex = 6


**The DWD flex rating is on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest. The rating for each is in comparison to the rest of the DWD collection.


AM camber – Lifted in all the right spots! Goldie camber runs through the majority of this camber profile for stability and control, with a dash of reverse camber at the contact points to spice up your jib game.

SINtered base – A robust and high-density base with micropores that hold wax. It requires a regular waxing schedule. It’s our fastest and most durable base material.


Single radius sidecut – based on a single radius from contact point to contact point. This style produces one evenly arced turn.


T-Twin – The nose and tail length are the same with sidecut and insert packs that are centered between the contact points.


LENGTH (cm)150153156159 W
EFFECTIVE EDGE (cm)111.4114.2117.0119.8
NOSE WIDTH (cm)29.629.729.830.6
WAIST WIDTH (cm)25.225.325.426.2
TAIL WIDTH (cm)29.629.729.830.6



Pro Model // Fredrik Perry, @d_opelo

Art concept // Fredrik Perry, @d_opelo

Artists // Fredrik Perry, @d_opelo

23/24 DWD PERRY 150 / 153 / 156

kr 6 799,00Pris
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